The security of your data is our top priority

At WowBI we are committed to the highest level of transparency, trust and regulatory compliance.

We dedicate special attention to information security and corporate governance at every level of the organization.

WowBI meets all the requirements to be ISO 27001 compliant for the design and development of the WowBI platform for Business Intelligence, Performance management and Analytics and for the installation, maintenance and support of WowBI through its Cloud SaaS service (Software as a Service).

WowBI`s multi-layer security model is built to meet the most severe security requirements of any organization.
A first authentication layer, supporting full integration with Windows, LDAP or PKI methods, ensures that only verified users are granted access to the system.
A second authorization layer combines data access security with application privileges and action permissions, providing pervasive, granular, cell-level data security that can be easily personalized for each individual, user role, and user group.
An advanced security management environment enables users to delegate security administration to other key users, decentralizing the security model to perfectly adapt it to complex organizational structures.

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