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Restaurants, cafe and bars

We have reinvented the big data processing industry, which has long yielded enormous advantages to large corporations. Now any small and medium-sized enterprise has access to that technology, knowledge and expertise at low prices. Сonnect your POS or ERP to WowBI platform and get a powerful tool for the right solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Reinvented data processing, analysis and visualization for SME

Incredible Planning , modeling and forecasting

Powerful reports and dashboards

Decision making analytics with clear points of growth



Real time data processing with high precision and error-free

Data from thousands of reports on 20 main dashboards, translated into the language of business

No need to have 1000 eyes, instant detection of all growth points in real time

Real savings in time, human resources and enterprise costs

Plan, simulate, compare and drill down into data with real-time interactive visualization

How it works?

Work in teams from anywhere in the world from any device web cloud and with the world's best security for your data your data


Trusted by market leaders

We are proud that market leaders are increasing their revenues and reducing costs with WowBI tools and solutions.




From tester to dedicated partner. Restaurant Baut has been improving its performance for many months together with Resto + by WowBI


Craft BAR


The guys at the Craft Bar in Paris are now planning and modeling for years ahead with WowBI



The result from the use of WowBI solutions allowed expanding the network of Mizulin cafes




Our reliable partner who has been with us for over a year

Integration and data conections

We have created a platform that does not require any additional knowledge and skills from customers. Integration with your management system (POS/ERP/CRM) is simple and one click, and then in real time allows you to study in detail all aspects of your business and make quick, effective decisions.

We connect to:

How to connect? 

Provide the id of your POS / ERP / CRM or submit your data in any other convenient way (up to MS Excel), and WowBI platform will do the rest in an automated mode.

Our WowBI platform processes your data in real time, fast, secure and web-cloud. 

Get access to analytics quick, from anywhere in the world, on any device. Work with data alone or in a team, manage the rights and access to your data.


Planning and simulation 

We have created an excellent system for planning and modeling your KPI. You can plan all the indicators yourself or use the ready-made templates! Once you have created a new plan, it will be reflected in all analytical reports.

Add any periods and order types for precise detailed planning

Set plans for revenue, number o orders, food cost and number of persons

Use the excellent tool for fine-tuning the main indicators


Completeness of data in simple reports

Forget complicated and incomprehensible reporting on hundreds of sheets. Use concise, straightforward, and interactive analytics on a few major dashboards. Detail real-time data in any report.

Sales dashboards

KPI Dashboard

Detailed Revenue Dashboard

Detailed sales Dashboard by Order Type

Detailed General sales Dashboard

Sales analysis

KPI matrix

KPI dynamics

Top-5 ranked

Checks distribution

WeekDay distribution

DayHour distribution

Stations distribution

OrderTypes distribution

MealCategories distribution

Check bins


Menu analysis

Price Categories


Price Categories

Cost Margin

Basket analysys


Goods structure




At WowBI we are committed to the highest level of transparency, trust and regulatory compliance.

We dedicate special attention to information security and corporate governance at every level of the organization.

WowBI meets all the requirements to be ISO 27001 compliant for the design and development of the WowBI platform for Business Intelligence, Performance management and Analytics and for the installation, maintenance and support of WowBI through its Cloud SaaS service (Software as a Service).

WowBI`s multi-layer security model is built to meet the most severe security requirements of any organization.

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