Business Analytics Reinvented

Our main goal is to help small and medium enterprises to get a complete picture of their business and improve their performance via the usage of data-driven points of grow provided by WowBI platform



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WowBI Platform

We have created a platform that does not require any additional knowledge and skills from users. Integration with your management system (POS / ERP) is simple and one click, and then in real time allows you to study in detail all aspects of your business and make quick effective decisions.

We speak the same language with the business, focusing on the problems and opportunities of the enterprise.

A revenue-raising web cloud platform that includes: business intelligence, performance management, analytics and planning software, purchasing management and data-based solutions. 

WowBI Analytics

Platform Highlights

Multi-accounting platform (different enterprises with easy switch) 


Unlimited users (work with teams, manage access control )

Stay in touch 24/7 with notification system (by mail, chat)

Advanced dashboards powered by data and market leaders

Deep analytics reports with clear points of growth

Purchasing reports

Advanced planning to be in touch with KPI`s

Data security 


Keep the key indicators on the pulse

  • Key business indicators

  • The ability to drill down into data

  • Online data update

  • Available on any device

  • And more



Сlear points of growth in advanced reports

  • Business language reports

  • Only reports the business needs

  • Clear points of growth

  • Update given in real time

  • Fact analysis plan

  • And more



Analyze the cost of purchases to reduce costs

  • Supplier reports

  • Reports on all supplies

  • Comparison of periods

  • Market comparison

  • Fact Analysis Plan

  • And more


Planning and simulation 

Plan and simulate future business performance to make the right decisions

  • Plan and simulate business performance

  • Create periods and seasons

  • Overcome growth according to the necessary indicators

  • Use ready-made solutions

  • And more



We develop our product daily, you will see soon

  • Benchmark

  • Market analysis of competitors

  • Supplier market analysis

  • Marketplace

  • Cross industry analytics

  • And more