KPI DashBoard

KPI Dashboard (Key Performance Indicators).

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Main KPI of your enterprise with a division into current periods (month / year) , comparison to past periods (last month / year) and predictive reports (the end of the forecast period).

Key Features

  • Filter by Stations and Order Types;

  • Select by different time periods;

  • Predictive report for main indicators;

  • Real time current month indicators report;

  • Last month indicators report;

  • Real time current year indicators report; 

  • Last year indicator report.

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General information

The report of the main KPIs gives an overview of the main indicators of the business at the current moment. You immediately see both planned and actual indicators and you can compare them. It also makes it possible to compare all indicators with previous periods, as well as make a forecast at the end of the month. The report can be filtered by station and order type. The report is divided into three main groups: the current month and year, the previous year and previous year, the forecast for the end of the current month, provided that the current dynamics of the main indicators are maintained.


Prediction report

This report models the main indicators at the end of the month, provided that the current dynamics of the main indicators are maintained. We give you the opportunity to predict now all the main indicators so that you have the opportunity to take the necessary actions to achieve the desired result of the enterprise.


How to apply in business ?

If you do not have much time, but you need to quickly find out what is happening in the business, this is the best report for these needs. In just a minute, you understand at what point are the main indicators of your company.