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Growth points through ultimate dashboard

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Prediction reports

Want to predict the results of your business with high accuracy. We provide this opportunity in real time! Adjust your work to improve your results.


Growth points through highlighted indicators

Detail the data, drill-through, we have highlighted all growth points. The right solution at your fingertips in real time.


Best decisions based on our Balanced Scorecard 

We cannot know all the non-mathematical nuances of your business, but everything that concerns numbers, dynamics, analysis, forecasts, you can definitely rely on us. That is why we give 90% of the information needed to make the right decisions. Just use Balanced Scorecard.


Balanced Scorecard, a viable option and a solid strategic layout help you to go above and beyond your limits. In 1990s Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton came up with the idea of this strategic planning and management system to help the business owners to capture a broad and balanced view of the company’s performance. It combines the strategy and management to give a comprehensive look of short as well as long-term objectives and tactics of your business. The balanced scorecard is dynamic and updated strategic management framework, providing executives and senior management a strategic and actionable outline of goals and strategies and helping them to increase and maintain performance.

It is nice to know the advantages of balanced scorecard as well as some important considerations if you want to implement this valuable tool for strategic thinking and to ensure consistency between your daily activities and vision of your company. WowBi platform gives you the  right route for your organization.

WowBI`s balanced scorecard

Unlike HR and financial management, there are multiple approaches to strategic management and the WowBI`s balanced scorecard is strategic planning and management system that connects the dot between strategy elements (vision, mission, core values) and operational elements (performance measure and targets). It is considered to be a logical and structured way to help leaders of the organization to ensure that all areas of the management are covered in an easy to understand way. WowBI`a balanced scorecard keeps your goals at center and track progress through the specific measure and helps management to monitor actions by following initiatives.

Analytics provided by WowBI pltafrom 

Data provided by your Enterprise

Financial Perspective

KPI Dashboard
Detailed Revenue Dashboard
Detailed sales Dashboard by Order Type
Detailed General sales Dashboard
KPI dynamics matrix
Top-5 ranked report

Guests / Distributions dynamics analysis

Checks distribution report
Week/Day distribution report
Day/Hour distribution report
Stations distribution report
Order Types distribution report
Meal Categories distribution report

Iternal Business processes

Check bins report
Day/Hours VS Meal/Categories report
Price Categories report
ABC report
Miller report
Cost Margin report
Basket analysis report
Goods structure report
Suppliers report

Learning and growth

Team critical skills and knowlege development reports
Knowlege management reports
Personal goals reports 
Company goals reports 
HR reports 

Customer satisfaction reports 


Decision making balance scorecard

" Due to a large number of advantages of balanced scorecard, a large number of organizations are exclusively embracing it to achieve desired results. The balanced scorecard is considered to be the most influential business idea which has potential to reflect the true essence of value creation activities of your organization."