About Company

Our main goal is to help small and medium enterprises to get a complete picture of their business and improve their performance via the usage of data-driven points of grow provided by WowBI platform


Our Story

The story of WowBI is based on passion - a passion for new knowledge, business technologies and a willingness to share knowledge with other people. The founding team of WoWBI gained expertise and knowledge in various fields of business such as construction, design, sales, marketing, consulting, video game development, hotel and restaurant business, top management. The founders of the company have a successful working business in the field of SME management to the present day. It was on one of these projects for the construction of a hotel chain that the need arose for processing big data and applying this data to increase the efficiency of the entire company. Unfortunately, market offers were often suitable for large businesses with development and implementation costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars.It was the need to process and use big data for SME that led to the creation of WowBI. Having tested the solutions first in our own hotel and restaurant business, we created an affordable platform that hundreds of thousands of enterprises around the world can use to make their business more productive.


Our Mission

We are a technology data driven analytics company with a mission to make small and medium enterprises life more productive. We bring the best business intelligence technology to SME, so they can make quick and right decisions on their business in real time in any part of the world. With our solutions that were only available to large enterprises we save time, human resources and money for SME. We make a platform where all enterprise data stored the way, where planning, dashboards and reports are clear and easy to use for any team member.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple: as we are a decision making software platform, we want to empower every industry and company on the planet with our technologies so they can achieve more. We want to bring knowledge and data driven technologies to companies, teams and people, so they can make their enterprises work better through clear and easy to use business intelligence. We want to be a Premier Technology company in BI and Analytics. For us being the premier technology company doesn't mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of consumer value, employee talent and consistent and predictable growth.


Our Values

Customers, partners and employees. WowBI has always put people at the center of its attention to enable them to bring out their best self and have a significant impact on their business, bringing them best business intelligence tools.

Being decision-making platform for SME means wanting to continually improve, with the ambition to act as tireless pioneers and innovators, ready to inspire all people towards an unstoppable evolution through constant and positive data driven change.


Our Team

Core team 


Phill Pierson

Software Engineer (backend)

WowBi Analytics


Ivan Leitis

Data Architect

WowBi Analytics


Jimmy Nguen

Software Engineer (backend)

WowBi Analytics


Mikhail Petrov

Systems Analyst

WowBi Analytics


Evgenia Savicheva

Sales and Marketing manager

WowBi Analytics


Sergey Alabaev

Web Developer

WowBi Analytics

Experts on the side


Maria Stolyarova

User Interface Designer

WowBi Analytics


Julia Ivanova

User Interface Designer

WowBi Analytics


Igor Lavrov

Business Intelligence Developer

WowBi Analytics


Alexey Savinov

Database Administrator

WowBi Analytics


Ilja Petrov

Web Developer

WowBi Analytics


Lisa Parker

Sales and Marketing manager

WowBi Analytics



Sergey Kaparis

Founder, CTO

WowBi Analytics

pp (1).jpg

Kirill Agapov

Founder, CCO 

WowBi Analytics


Our offices

US Office | Philadelphia


600 Centerpoint Blvd
Qwintry Ste 120023
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone + 44 7937 969348

Europe Office | Berlin


Gartenfelder Str. 28 Load
Berlin, 13599
Phone + 44 7937 969348

Russia Office 


191024 Saint-Petersburg,


Nevsky prospect 147
Phone +7 921 3993199