Profit growth engine through analytics, planning and control

Easy to use decision-making analytics for your enterprise backed by data
Growth points in real time on your fingertips
Prediction reports on revenue and costs for month or year
Increase sales, reduce costs with clear dashboards
Deep analisys, purchaisng, planing! Just act!

Key Features

Clear solutions to increase profitability and sales, reduce costs for enterprises in real time, based on your data
The best business analytics at your service

Reveal the real story of what drives your business. Instantly gain insight from any level of detail with augmented analytics features. 

Growth points have already been identified

We have gathered the knowledge of market leaders, attracted expertise of top consultants to provide deep and semantic load of reporting with the right turnkey solutions. You just have to act.

Plan and stay ahead with our tools

 Accelerate growth by discovering the key influencers of past results to simulate future scenarios and predict outcomes.

Explore our solutions

We provide a platform that saves you time, examines and compares thousands of different indicators of your business and determines the main points of growth in real time

Now you do not need to spend a lot of time studying reports, you do not need to keep additional employees, you do not need thousands of eyes to determine growth points. WowBI processes thousands of indicators and gives you a real-time solution in clear business language!

Increase your RevPAR with our deep analytics. We have already identified the main points of growth. Get a significant market advantage through proper management of segments, ADR, occupancy, upsell, sources of bookings etc

Our custom software development team will develop a customized analytics and data visualization solution for your enterprise in a short time and at a reasonable price. We have enough expertise to work with projects of any complexity.

WowBI on the move

Follow the development of our platform, be the first to apply our solutions in order to be a leader among your competitors

New dashboard in Hotels + by WowBI have arrived!

Данные на Touch Pad

More reports and dashboards in Resto + by WowBI! Check it! 


New planning tools in WowBI Resto + have arrived

Happy clients & partners

Jeff Scott, CEO Grow Food

“There’s no comparison between WowBI and our previous systems. Compared to other systems I’ve used in larger companies, Board is the best.”

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