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Stay ahead of your competitors and keep pace with the world leaders in your industry

Key Features

Clear solutions to increase profitability and sales, reduce costs for enterprises in real time, based on your data

Points of growth 

We have gathered the knowledge of market leaders, attracted expertise of top consultants to provide deep and semantic load of reporting with the right turnkey solutions. We provide clear real-time growth points at any depth of income and cost analysis, this applies to specific dishes and the cost of ingredients and much more. You just have to act.

Prediction reports

We process data, take your current and retrospective indicators, take market data, compare the performance of competitors, take forecasts of leading consultants and, on the basis of this, build predictive models for profitability and costs. Which almost always come true. You just have to act.


Planning income, expenses, trend analysis is important in order to achieve your goals. We have implemented a revolutionary planning system that you can customize yourself or use one of the generated scripts. Accelerate growth by discovering the key influencers of past results to simulate future scenarios and predict outcomes. Follow the plan with actual indicators in real time and act!

Deep analysis

Reveal the real story of what drives your business. Instantly gain insight from any level of detail with augmented analytics features. Deep business analytics are not thousands of reports and an endless amount of data. In our understanding, these are just twenty high-quality reports, where you can drill-through into the data, compare indicators, look into the past, look into the future, look into trend lines. We, in turn, will always highlight key indicators so that the picture of your businnes is finally complete and understandable.






How it works?

Just two steps and no more than 10 minutes separate you from advanced data processing technologies that will ensure your competitive advantage

Connect your



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We process data, secure and safe


real time


ready-made solutions and act

Connect your data system (we work with more than 50 POS/PMS/ERP), and we will process your data in real time.

By accessing your data, we and our Microsoft partners ensure that it is safe and secure. Find more

Monitor the pulse of your company in real time, react to changes and act effectively.

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Analytics and key KPIs are available to you anywhere in the world, from any device, with a team or individually in real time

Ultimate dynamic dashboards

Get the whole picture. Finally. We have developed ultimatum dashboards, where you will learn in real time key information on costs, revenue, margin, dishes, orders, cost price and other indicators. Here you can compare current performance with the past, with the plan, with the market and much, much more.

Explore our solutions

Clear solutions to increase profitability and sales, reduce costs for enterprises in real time, based on your data

We help independent restaurants and small cafe chains gain an edge over the competition, keep up with technology, keep up with leaders and giants, and respond to change in real time. With us, you become competitive and efficient! Earn more!

Increase your RevPAR with our deep analytics. We have already identified the main points of growth. Get a significant market advantage through proper management of segments, ADR, occupancy, upsell, sources of bookings etc

Our goal is to give a competitive edge through high-quality data processing to various industries. Our custom software development team will develop a customized analytics and data visualization solution for your enterprise in a short time and at a reasonable price. We have enough expertise to work with projects of any complexity.





Happy clients & partners

We are chosen by the best, and we are proud that we provide them with the best analytical service on the market. Find more customers


Satish Kumar

I freed a few days a week thanks to WowbI, growth points are now always on my fingertips


WowBI helps us easily find growth points, revenue, costs and menus are always under the control of our management team

Taco Bell

Thank you WowBI, now I have detailed analytics that I could not type about before


We ensured a significant increase in performance after connecting the WowBI service

No more expensive custom development to get the right solutions based on your data
"Finally, advanced data analysis technologies have become available to medium and small businesses, without many years of custom development and for the cost of one lunch. SAP and Salesforce give a way for cheap and high quality decision making technologies in real time"
Larry Bernstein,
CEO, BigDataTech Ltd






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